Welsh Train Project

The Welsh Railway Trust is engaged in an exciting project to re-create a Taff Vale Railway passenger train of the 1890s, by restoring TVR locomotive 28 and TVR coaches 220, 145, 153 and 48. The development of heavy industry in the south Wales valleys in the 19th century transformed society and turned Wales from a rural to an industrial country where railway transportation for both goods and people was central. The train will be a significant educational and historical resource and while it will be based on the Gwili Railway, it will travel widely to other railways.

The first stage in this exciting project is the restoration of Taff Vale Railway locomotive 28, which has been fully scoped and costed, and is expected to cost approximately £160,000, the timescale being subject to availability of funds. We have already been successful in one grant application, for £18,000, and we have other applications in progress. However, a return to steam cannot be achieved without donations from private individuals.

Please see the Taff Vale Railway 28 project website for details.